October 2019

Hunan factory purchased 188 mu of land, in December 2020, the plant was put into use.

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Aluminum prices hit a 10-year high, why?

Small to beverage cans, large to aircraft, construction, aluminum is widely used in various fields of life and production. Prior to the outbreak, the global aluminum market was in the midst of an oversupply, with aluminum prices entering a downward trend since peaking in 2018.

Inventory surge, cut power cuts can save aluminum prices?

Overseas inventories continue to rise, domestic tired storage continued, in the case of no significant changes in the supply side, this week aluminum prices rushed high after the rapid decline, in the domestic electrolytic aluminum consumption is expected to officially cash in, aluminum prices upward space is limited. Domestic reference operating range: 18300-19100. Overseas reference operating range: $2400-$2600.

Aluminum price "lying flat" leader "rise": China's aluminum industry to expand energy consumption and reduce energy consumption.

Global commodity prices overall weak, aluminum prices are also "flat" for nearly a year. Recently, a reporter from the Financial Association visited and investigated Chinalco (601600.SH) and learned that as an aluminum giant, in the competition for electrolytic aluminum stock, it will further increase the market share of electrolytic aluminum through the implementation of surplus electrolytic aluminum indicators, resource integration and overseas layout. Through technological research and development, reducing the energy consumption of electrolytic cells, and transferring to low-cost areas, cost reduction and efficiency increase are realized.

Weak internal and external demand electrolytic aluminum market under pressure operation

Data show that from January to June 2023, the average domestic electrolytic aluminum price was 18386 yuan/ton, down 2906 yuan/ton or 13.59 per cent from the same period last year. As of June 30, the domestic electrolytic aluminum price was 18530 yuan to 18570 yuan/ton, and the average price was 18550 yuan/ton, a decrease of 120 yuan/ton or 0.64 percent from the end of last year.

Shandong Dongxin Aluminum Co., Ltd

In order to adapt to the rapid development of the photovoltaic market, Shandong Dongxin Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, specializing in providing high-quality aluminum and steel products such as frames, brackets and accessories for photovoltaic industry enterprises.

Dongxing Products

After 30 years of continuous research and development, Dongxing Aluminum Group's aluminum profiles and hardware deep processing varieties have reached more than 60000; with the establishment of the assembly workshop, Dongxing has its own mature products, which are widely used in electronics, Electrical appliances, machinery, automobiles, new energy and other fields.